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Snoring is a long-time issue that influences not only the individual but also their partner, family, and colleagues. The hostile sound of snoring may also have effects related to people’s energy levels, health, lifestyle, and work productivity.  Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) are a perfect solution to cure snoring.

The Mandibular is a jawbone and the mandibular advancement device provides the jaw to move forward. It is the most extensively used device for sleep apnea amongst snorers. The anti-snoring device helps to reduce any restriction that occurs in the back of the throat by moving the jaw and tongue forward. This increases the size of the upper airway which reduces the air resistance that leads to snoring.

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It can be alarming for the snorers when they suffer from a sleep disorder.7 Their bed partner could be angry as they don’t understand what is happening to their loved ones. The professional and personal life of a snorer might suffer due to the sleep disorder.


There are three types of Mandibular Advancement devices available in the market:

Boil and Bite MADs – These devices can be bought from pharmacies and websites. The fit is achieved by softening the gum with hot water, then once cooled slightly, placing it in the mouth to get a good fit. Some of these devices can adjust to the user.

Semi-Custom Devices – These semi-custom devices require the users to make a custom mold of their teeth. If a device is not fit properly, you can send it back to be fixed.

Customer Dental MADs – These devices are based on physician recommendations and custom-made by dentists or specialists. These devices are perfectly fit for all the users and are customer friendly.  

All the above devices have a cost and benefits result. The costs of these devices range from $40 to $2000. While the price is not the sole factor of performance, a general guideline to follow is that the more you invest, the better chances you have of getting good results.

A Mandibular Advancement device is often a good step to help you or your partner stop snoring. These devices are economical and because most of them can be adjusted, they can suit a wide range of snorers.

Mandibular Advancement devices have minimal side effects are easy to use and more cost-effective.  However, MADs do not work for everyone. People with severe sleep apnea may not find relief from these devices.

People who are worried about their sleep apnea should consult their physician. Specialists can provide a better option to these people.


The anti-snoring devices cause the jaw to move forward for a lengthy period, some discomfort may be experienced. This discomfort should only happen in the initial phase of the usage.  Some indications include a sore jaw, toothache, and teeth moving out of alignment. In rear cases, there can be painful wear of the joints.

There may be some discomfort from having the device in your mouth, and the pain would be highly unusual. You should stop wearing the device in case of any pain.  However, it takes a week to get completely comfortable with the jaw being held forward with a MAD.

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